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Q My property needs repair and may not be ready for sale?
A We will buy a property in any condition

Q Will anybody find out about the sale?
A Our service is confidential

Q If we are being repossessed; do we need to tell the repossession company?
A Your solicitor will talk to the repossession company and you will not need to talk to them personally

Q Do I have to accept Avora Property Buyer's offer immediately?
A You are under no obligation to do so

Q Do I need to get a Home Information Pack (HIP)?
A Home Information Packs are no longer a legal requirement and as we are buying your property privately an Energy Certificate is not required

Q Will my Estate Agent mind if I sell directly to Avora Property Buyers?
A As long as you have given your Agent adequate notice, in accord with your contract with them, they will not object to the sale.

Homeowners & private tenants
Homeowners & private tenants
Homeowners & private tenants
Homeowners & private tenants

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