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We help to provide a fair solution to the wide range of difficulties that can face property owners including:

avoid repossession or financial difficulties
prevent a broken chain
sell due to divorce
sell and rent back
sell a problem or poorly maintained property
sell a property with problem tenants
sell a non mortgageable property
provide the opportunity to purchase your next property at a discount as you will be a chain free cash buyer.

The benefits of selling your property to Avora Property Buyers?

We manage the whole sales process on your behalf from the initial survey to completion. We settle your outstanding mortgage, legal fees, and can give you the option to remain in your home. We can even give you the option to buy back your home should you wish!

Homeowners & private tenants
Homeowners & private tenants
Homeowners & private tenants
Homeowners & private tenants

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Sell & rent back
Avoid repossession

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